1860s “WRT” Seal Bottle, Possibly Lyndeborough NH.



Here is a rather interesting, and probably unique bottle, this is a large wine or demijohn type bottle, with a large attached seal, “WRT”, which was likely a special order for a merchant. I was at the auction in Keene NH when this one came up for sale (as found in a basement), and was purchased by Kris Kernozicky for $4000 plus premium. It was a very important bottle to him. It was later sold at auction by Norm Heckler, and the liquid was removed, revealing a beautiful bluish aqua bottle, with nice character! This one is impressive at 12″ tall, and has some serious heftiness to it! It looks to be mid-late 1860s to me. There is some very light crazing in the neck, but in exceptional condition! This bottle is extremely rare, and as mentioned probably unique. I added the auction listing when it sold through Hecklers.