Early Blown Sugar Bowl w/ lid! A Classic Piece of Tableware!


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Here is a pretty special piece of early American tableware, the classic sugar bowl w/ lid in a bright blue color. These come patterned and unpatterned. I like the simplicity of this unpatterned example. Blue sugar bowls of this period were made in England and in the United States, if I was to guesstimate, I would put this in the Midlantic region of Colonial America/ USA during the 1770-1800 period. It has many influences seen in the typical Midwestern tableware following this period. It also has the “dahlia” type lid without the spiral. Nice pontil scar inside the lid (for applying the the finial handle) The applied foot almost has a stem-like appearance. The form is very well done, but still handcrafted with that special early primitive appeal. This one comes from an estate in PA, and amazingly, it is in fine condition. Here is a really nice find!!